АО ГНЦ «Центр Келдыша»


Center of General Access for the application of nanotechnologies

The Center for the application of nanotechnologies in power engineering  and power supply of space systems of JSC Keldysh Research Center also operates as a Center of General Access that provides access to research and technological equipment for researchers performing the developments in a nanoindustry branch of Roscosmos within the framework of various federal special-purpose programs as well as it provides access for organizations of other industries. 




Scientific and research, technical, technological, informational and analytical as well as metrological activities are the principal activities of the Center, which are focused on the application of nanotechnologies in rocket & space or other industries.

List of
typical services


There is a modern process and analytical equipment in the Center that allows solving different research, technological and development tasks.


Promising Developments

Developments of Keldysh Research Center demonstrate prospects of the application of nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and nanodevices for the improvement of thermophysical, specific mass, operational and long-term performance characteristics of products of rocket & space technology. The results obtained can also be used in solving economic and commercial tasks.


Contact us

You are welcome to ask your questions about the procedure of works on the Center`s equipment to our Leading Researcher, Sigalaev Sergei Konstantinovich

+7 (495) 631-87-78 nanocentre@kerc.msk.ru