АО ГНЦ «Центр Келдыша»

Production Facilities


Keldysh Research Center has a pilot-line production with unique and technological processes that allow creating highly engineering products for rocket and spacy technology.

  • High-accuracy machining of parts and assemblies made from instrument, alloy and heat-resistant steels on CNC machines (milling, turning, turning and milling machines)
  • Machining of refractory metals such as wolfram, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum as well as ceramic material and ways for their connection
  • Electron-beam, laser, impulse and argon-arc welding of metals and alloys
  • Vacuum diffusion welding of metallic and non-metallic materials (aluminum alloys with steel, porous alloys with metals etc.)
  • Brazing in vacuum and in a controlled medium
  • Electro erosion machining on wire-cutting and electrical discharge machines
  • Workpiece production with the use of waterjet and laser cuttings

Pilot-line production provides a small-scale production of electric propulsion thrusters and experimental prototypes of ion thrusters.