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Nuclear Power Engineering


Transport Energy Module

Innovation project on the development of the Transport and Energy Module (TEM) based on a megawatt-class nuclear power propulsion system.

Схема ТЭМ(eng).jpg

TEM is a new qualitative space transport vehicle that provides:

  • possibility to implement expeditions into deep space

  • increase of transport operations efficiency in space by 20 times

  • increase of electric power in space more than by 10 times

  • development of space vehicles with changeable parameters of orbit 

Fundamentally new tasks that can be solved in space with the use of TEM as follows: 

  • effective implementation of expeditions to other celestial bodies (for example, the Moon or Mars) together with the creation of stations on the planets, i.e. a stay expedition but not a visiting expedition

  • industrial production in space

  • possibility to change a space vehicle orbit

  • development of efficient systems for cleaning space from garbage

  • asteroid impact avoidance

  • implementation of definitely new tasks in the interests of security assurance

Key innovative technologies developed by Keldysh Research Center within the framework of the TEM project are following:

  • efficient systems technologies to convert thermal energy into electrical one

  • technology to create high-performance effective electric propulsion thrusters

  • technology to create efficient cooler-radiators, as well as frameless ones

  • technology to establish large-size structures in space

  • technology to create high temperature resistant constructional materials 

Developed technologies will make it possible to use in practice the transport and power systems based on nuclear power propulsion systems.

                                             Scheme of the system:

The unique test bench was created to realize the innovative project. It allows carrying out full-scale nuclear-free tests on terrestrial simulation of TEM compound assemblies and elements together with a thermal imitator of a nuclear reactor.

The project has no analogues in the world.