АО ГНЦ «Центр Келдыша»



Metrological Service

Metrological service performs calibration of measuring equipment in compliance with the scope of accreditation.

The service is equipped with the following:

  • required amount of templates
  • regulation documents
  • complex of buildings

The staff of the metrological service consists of highly qualified certified specialists

The calibration process

The scope of accreditation includes the following types of measurement:

  • Measurement of geometric quantities
  • Measurement of pressure, vacuum measurements
  • Measurement of physical and chemical composition and measurement of substances properties
  • Thermophysical and temperature measurements
  • Measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities
  • Radio-technical and radio-electronic measurements

Certificate of Registration in the Russian Calibration System (pdf, 756 kb)

Appendix to the Certificate (pdf, 1.6 Mb)