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Laser ignition

Laser ignition

The development of technology and equipment for laser ignition of rocket engines of different purpose that operate on different components. 





Laser ignition of low-thrust
rocket engine during the
operation on oxygen-kerosene
fuel components

Laser ignition of main
chamber of the
RD107 engine

Works on laser ignition of non-hypergolic fuel components for rocket engines are underway. Laser ignition is one of the most promising directions in the field of the creation of new generation rocket engines. Laser ignition systems ensure multiple launches and ignition stability. Laser ignition systems have small weight and dimension characteristics as well as a relatively simple construction.

Test prototypes of laser ignition sparks were designed and experimentally tested for ignition units, low-thrust rocket engines and model propulsions during the operation on such fuel components as oxygen-hydrogen, oxygen-methane, oxygen-ethanol and oxygen-kerosene.

Successful tests of laser ignition systems that were developed by specialists of Keldysh Research Center were carried out on test benches of NPO Energomash (Khimki City), JSC “KBKhA” (Voronezh City), SRC Progress (Samara City) in the cooperation with enterprises of the industry. Tests were performed in the steering and main chambers of the RD107 oxygen-kerosene engine as well as in the combustion chamber of the RD-0146 oxygen-hydrogen engine.

Besides that, works on numerical modelling of process while laser ignition are also underway. The complex of methods intended for prediction and calculation of process is developed too, which allows evaluating necessary parameters of a laser emission, it gives the possibility to determine optimal inflammation zones, to calculate gas and dynamic parameters on the stage of engine start during a laser ignition.

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