АО ГНЦ «Центр Келдыша»

General Information

Keldysh Research Center is a State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation - JSC “Keldysh Research Center” (earlier RNII, NII-1, NIITP)

It is the leading Scientific Research Enterprise of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos in the field of rocket engine manufacturing, space power engineering and application of nanotechnologies in power engineering and power supply for space systems.


Keldysh Research Center develops, manufactures and tests promising prototypes of various types of rocket engines, space power systems, high-energy beam generators and particle accelerators.

Works on the modeling of working processes in rocket engines and their design are being successfully conducted. Some investigation and theoretical developments are being carried out that promote introduction of advanced technologies into engine manufacturing.

Nowadays, works on the creation and development of the main elements and units of reusable sustainer LREs, including diagnostics and emergency protection system, new design thrusters for upper stages, works on upgrading operational propulsion systems of launch vehicles and boosters, new SRMs using advanced propellant components for propulsion systems of launch vehicles and interorbital transportation vehicles are being carried out.


JSC “Keldysh Research Center” has developed and produced a series of electric propulsion thrusters of different typical size, a wide range of power and higher specific impulse used in the assembly of space vehicles designed for different purposes.

A great experience is gained in the field of interaction between electromagnetic waves and plasma formations.

Keldysh Research Center takes an active participation in the formation and implementation of a Federal Space Program.

A large amount of research is being investigated to allow Accident Investigation Board to understand causes of off-nominal launches.

Keldysh Research Center is defined as the leading organization of Roscosmos in the field of nanotechnologies in the direction “Functional Materials for Space Engineering” and the Center of the application of nanotechnologies in power engineering and power supply for space systems.

JSC “Keldysh Research Center” has realized large-scale space projects for research and national economy.

The Center widely implements key space technologies into national economy paying special attention to ecologically safe technologies and procedures. A wide variety of water treatment equipment is being manufactured for natural water purification, sea & brackish water desalination until the level of drinking water as well as for sewage purification of industrial plants. Waste recycling technologies are being developed.

JSC “Keldysh Research Center” possesses the unique scientific research and experimental base. Many test facilities and test benches by their technical characteristics are the only ones in Russia or other countries with a developed rocket and space industry.

Since 1942, more than 700 employees of Keldysh Research Center have been awarded with the Orders, more than 80 employees have become the laureates of the State Prizes and the Prizes of the Russian Federation Government, more than 13 employees have been granted the title of honor “Honoured Science Worker”.

Nowadays, many highly skilled scientists work at JSC “Keldysh Research Center”. The Center`s unique research and experimental base complies with the world standards. Two current members of the RAS, 19 Doctors of Sciences and 77 Candidates of Sciences work at Keldysh Research Center. The postgraduate training program is organized on the premises of Keldysh Research Center in order to improve scientific capability of employees.

The Dissertation Committee exists in Keldysh Research Center; sessions of Science and Engineering Board take place as well. Many leading specialists of the Center take part in the activity of different Russian scientific and technical enterprises.

All the achievements of JSC “Keldysh Research Center” are the result of a huge amount of work accomplished by several generations of employees (scientists, engineers, technicians and workers), as well as the result of close collaboration with our colleagues and partners from Russia and all over the world.